We at Addalot

Philosophy and Business idea
Our core belief is that the process, current way of working, strongly impacts the quality and lead time of the products developed. Many companies focus on the result and desire improvements (faster, cheaper, better) without thinking of what abilities that needs to be addressed in order to make this happen. Our business idea is to support companies to make their way of working more efficient to meet their business objectives.

How we work
We have more than 20 year experience in system and software process improvement. We have defined our core competencies as Software Engineering and Change Management. To secure successful improvement work we have established a set of internal principles in our approach.

1989 Q-Labs starts as a department to EP-data
1998 Ericsson reduces ownership in Q-Labs, DNV enters as part-owner
2006 DNV buys whole of Q-Labs, which is transformed into a new business                 unit DNV IT Global Services
2011 DNV ITGS AB transfers to the new company Addalot Consulting.

The vision is to work so that system and software development in Scandinavia becomes more efficient. Internal objectives are to strengthen the company´s market position, delivery capability and employee’s competence development.