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Av Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
We would like to invite you to the 5th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety. The conference will take place in Stockholm, May 22-23, and is arranged in collaboration between Addalot, KTH,and ICES.

We would like to invite you to the 5th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety.

The conference as usual is organized by Addalot, KTH and ICES and has become the central meeting place for Scandinavian safety experts from different industries. It is an opportunity to share experiences and make new contacts. There will be an overview day followed by a day of parallel sessions with in-depth presentations and discussions about different challenges, techniques, standards and methods. This year we will organize the workshops around some of the most interesting industrial research projects ongoing in Scandinavia. We aim for a good mix of participants and presentations from different industries and researchers.

The conference program is now ready and registration is available.

This year we are proud to announce two keynotes:

Engineering Safety and Security in the era of the Industrial Internet of Things

By Dr Robert Oates, Rolls-Royce

Engineering artefacts to be both safe and secure has been a topic of great interest in recent years. This is because combining the two disciplines has exposed incompatibilities, conflicts and tension between engineering and IT working practices. However, a successful amalgamation of the two promises higher-quality, lower-risk and cost-effective systems. This talk will explore the practicalities of taking a large cross-sector organisation with a strong safety pedigree on a journey to producing secure systems and the active challenges posed by technology trends such as the industrial internet of things.

Safety of digital health technologies

Dr Farah Magrabi, Macquarie University, Austrailia

The use of information technology (IT) or digital health is integral to the modern day transformations of healthcare delivery systems to improve quality and safety. IT is also becoming a key enabler for encouraging patients to actively participate in healthcare processes for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. At the same time the use of IT can introduce new, often unforseen, side effects that can affect the safety and quality of care and may lead to patient harm. This presentation will survey current trends in health IT including consumer technologies. It will then examine case studies in hospitals, general practice and the consumer space to discuss software safety challenges unique to health. 

Other speeches for day one (22/5):

  • Requirements specification tool for safety critical systems based upon Linked Data, Prof. Mattias Nyberg, Scania
  • Agility and Resilience, Tor Stålhane, NTNU
  • Documenting the architecture, Even-André Karlsson, Addalot
  • Lessons learned: Introducing safety in organizations, Henrik Thane, Safety Integrity AB
  • Updated FMV handbook on Safety Critical Software, Björn Koberstein, FMV
  • Bridging Functional Safety Analysis and Software Architecture Assessment, Miroslaw Staron, Chalmers / University of Gothenburg
  • Challenges for ensuring functional safety for connected autonomous vehicles, Fredrik Warg, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden ‚Äč

Day two (23/5) will have half-day workshops:

  • Techniques for safety development
  • Cooperative functions in safety-critical System-of-Systems scenarios
  • Where are the Safety Standards going?
  • Safety critical software and agile development
  • Safety and software architectures
  • Architecture and Safety for Autonomous Systems

The conference will take place at Spårvagnshallarna in Stockholm, May 22-23, 2017 and is arranged in collaboration between AddalotKTH,and ICES.


Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi
Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi