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Addalot and BorgWarner join PROMIS
Av Even-André Karlsson
PROMIS is a joint project between Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) and several leading Swedish industrial companies and organizations. The goal is to supply customized, free courses in Information Security for professional engineers and software developers in the industry.

PROMIS (Professional Master in Information Security) is a new initiative to provide academic quality cybersecurity training to the industry organized by Professor Tony Gorschek at Blekinge Tekniske Högskola.

It is modelled after the highly successful PROMPT (Professional Master in Software Engineering) program that ran 2015-2020 with 50+ company partners and 4300+applicants.

The courses can be taken on-line with case-based pedagogy, labs and tools. These courses will be free for all EU citizens and can be joined based on relevant work experience as well as formal university admission criteria.

Currently PROMIS is in the initial phases, i.e. securing financing at KKS, BTH and partners, three pilot courses, recruitment, and deciding the content of the complete program. The courses will focus on all aspects of cybersecurity, i.e.

  • Engineering, i.e. how to construct secure products, e.g., architecture, testing, etc.
  • Operations, e.g., monitoring, forensic, data analytics
  • Technology, e.g., standards, protocols, languages, algorithms

Addalot will get involved to influence that there are courses about the challenges we see that our customers are having, e.g. cybersecurity in embedded systems. Another area that we are interested in is cybersecurity for managers. We think that this is something that will both benefit us as consultants, but also our customers.

We brought PROMIS up with one of our customers BorgWarner, and after a short presentation by Tony, they also decided to join PROMIS.

“Borgwarner understands and desires to strengthen the Cybersecurity culture within the organisation; and PROMIS is ideal to complement our drive to extend the knowledge and expertise of not just our engineers, but our management and leadership too”. – Dani Walsh, Cyber Security Manager. 

If you want further information about PROMIS please contact Tony Gorschek directly, or you can always contact Addalot.

This is one of the examples where Addalot is trying to keep up the old Q-Labs tradition of being the link between academia and industry.

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Even-André Karlsson
Even-André Karlsson